This may seem like an easy topic, since we have all washed our cars over the years, right?

Well, that is partly true, it is an easy thing to accomplish with the proper tools and techniques. This video should break down some techniques and tricks I have learned over the years. I know we have all washed a car at some point in our lives. But, that does not mean it was done properly. You may be surprised to find out that many professional car wash companies and mobile services are not using the proper tools or techniques.

Over the last 3-5 years, there have been some major advances in car washing products, tools and techniques. We have discovered just how badly we were damaging clear coat since clear coat was invented. Some of the chemicals that were considered acceptable and preferred are now condemned by high end professionals. After extensive testing in our facilities, I have found that the techniques in this video are the preferred and recommended process to minimize coating and clear coat damage (depending if your vehicle is ceramic coated) caused by scratches or chemicals.

Ceramic Coatings, and Ceramic Pro, in particular, are harder and have a lowered surface tension than your factory clear coat. That being said, they are far from force fields impenetrable by anything you can throw at them. If you coat half your vehicle in Ceramic Pro and wax the other half, you will see less scratching and etching per year on the side coated in Ceramic Pro. After multiple years you will also see a difference in the depth and tone of the paint color from UV damage on the uncoated side. This is why we recommend coating your vehicle and love this product. If you neglect your vehicle, the Ceramic Pro coated side would still look far better than the uncoated side. But, it would not look nearly as good as a well maintained coated vehicle.

While Ceramic Pro coated vehicles require far LESS maintenance than an uncoated vehicle, they still require maintenance. You do not need to polish your vehicle if washed properly. You do not ever need to wax your vehicle, but, you can try. The only thing you NEED to do is: wash your vehicle responsibly.

When your vehicle is dirty, WASH IT. There is no need to “test the coating” (unless you work for a testing company). Why would you want to use your vehicle as a test dummy?.. You should be enjoying the beauty of the coating with every wash. Enjoy your investment and take pride in your ownership.

Follow our wash procedure, whether you personally wash your vehicle, use a car wash, or a mobile service. You have made a large purchase when buying your vehicle. You should not choose the “cheapest” option to maintain it whether it’s coated or has a sealant. Choosing a car wash option should be based on quality. You don’t need to spend a fortune to find a decent car wash company that cares, or spend hours to wash it yourself. We typically spend 30-60 minutes depending on vehicle.