Nope. This is Ceramic Pro.

This video was filmed at our Signal Hill location in 2016.

I had a black 2015 Toyota Tundra that was my personal vehicle. I corrected the paint and installed a Ceramic Pro Gold Package about a week after I purchased it in early 2015. Unfortunately, my poor truck spent 90% of its life parked outside. It was pretty much dirty all the time. I saw a significant difference between the dirt build up on my ceramic coated truck and the dirt build up on friend’s uncoated vehicles. After about 2 weeks between washes, my truck looked about 50% cleaner and glossier than my friends similar black vehicles. While Ceramic Pro gold package provides a higher level of scratch resistance when compared to a uncoated factory clear coat, that wasn’t my ultimate goal for the coating on my truck.

What I really wanted as a detail shop owner is ease of maintenance. I don’t always have time to wash my personal vehicles, let alone polish or protect them. Ceramic Pro addressed my biggest pet peeve, having a dirty car as a detail shop owner. I was able to own a black truck, wash it every week to two weeks, and have it look deep black and glossy. With the scratch resistance that the coating offers, it was possible for me to maintain a show car finish and have better looking paint than most exotic vehicles on the road, on my Toyota Tundra. But, it was my pick up truck, and not meant to be a show car. I was looking for a deep black paint finish that rivaled more than 95% of black vehicles on the road. If it received a few wash scratches or marks from people leaning on it, I wasn’t concerned. I could still walk out to my vehicle in any parking lot and be amazed at the depth and gloss the paint put off while parked next to many high end vehicles.

This is a realistic expectation for your Ceramic Pro coated DAILY DRIVER. We use our daily drivers a lot. They get touched, dirty, washed, brushed by in parking lots and abused by our kids. Keeping a large investment looking the best it possibly can in the real world of uncontrollable contaminants and careless people is all we can hope and plan for. I always want my clients to have realistic expectations for a vehicle driven daily. Show cars are pampered and only driven 1-4 a month typically. Ceramic Pro can help your show car be show ready at all times with very minimal effort. Daily drivers can be kept in new, or even better than new (most cars purchased new have may imperfections from the dealer, prior to us correcting and coating them). But, Ceramic Pro is not a force field or a coating made of diamond hardness. It is an amazing barrier against the world’s many uncontrollable elements. Which brings us to this video…

This video is a demonstration of the barrier Ceramic Pro provides against the most unpredictable and frustrating element that nature throws at our cars at random. That would be, BIRD DROPPINGS! We never know when or where they are going to hit our expensive rolling assets. We can’t be there the wipe them off immediately, no matter how much we may try. We also don’t know how acidic the birds dropping may be until we remove them and survey the damage to our expensive clear coat. Once it etches your vehicle’s clear coat, there is only one option, and that is an expensive repaint. That where Ceramic Pro comes in.

I had a black truck sitting in the parking lot exposed to birds all week long. It was the middle of summer and super hot outside. Which means I may have had a few seconds to get it off my paint before the irreversible damage would set into my clear coat. Since I had the truck coated, I decided to do a good tough test on my own personal truck (and I was really busy, it wasn’t that planned lol). I waited about a week to a week and a half to finally wash my poor truck. After I removed the bird droppings, a stain remained on the hood. In this video you can see me use a heat gun to warm the Ceramic Pro coating, and the bird dropping stain completely disappears. I just avoided a very expensive repaint on my hood!



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