Hi, I’m Nic Shangle,

I am a 41-year-old car fanatic!

I started working on cars before I had a license to drive them. I grew up working for what I wanted, which meant building my first car from an almost empty shell. After a year of working on it every day, I had a very cool 1966 VW Bug!

I guess you could say I was officially bit by the car bug…

I opened my first official mobile detail business in 1999. Over the next 15 years I learned different techniques and lessons in working with vehicle paint work. I perfected different sanding, polishing and paint correcting techniques that made me stand out from other detailers. I developed proprietary systems to make the process more efficient. I worked very hard to develop a training program that could replicate my techniques on a larger scale. I expanded my mobile business to multiple trucks and employees. Our quality was unmatched and my company was featured in a local newspaper, many automotive magazines, and television shows. While I enjoyed the mobile business, I wanted to increase the quality we could achieve. I wanted to spend as much time as we needed on our clients vehicles without being limited by weather, lighting, or temperature.

So, I opened Polished Detail in 2015. We started offering a higher quality paint correction and ceramic coating service to our clients. We outgrew our shop in less than 6 months! We expanded into a new shop in Signal Hill, California. We rebranded our company as Polished Protection. Word spread about our quality and customer service and we quickly acquired the entire building, which is now our HQ. Our shop has now been featured in many Ceramic Pro videos, Donut Media video, and Hoonigan videos.

While anyone can open a detail shop and learn to detail a car, we pride ourselves on being the standard most aspire to replicate. We are constantly evolving our skills in all different departments of our company. We are highly trained by the brands we represent in our shops (Ceramic Pro and Xpel) and continue to exceed customer expectations daily. We will never stop learning and improving. It is what makes us Polished Detail. We will continue to lead this industry in knowledge, skill and customer service.