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Trim Shine is an innovative trim gel that will make dressing your trim a breeze!

Unlike cheap and tacky dressings that only mask the neglected surface, Trim Shine actually addresses the issue and properly rejuvenates the dry plastic surface. You are actually bringing back the health of the plastic by conditioning it instead of just adding a shiny layer of goop on top of it.

Trim Shine’s water-based formula is extremely safe and very easy to work with. Any level car enthusiast can appreciate it. The product is so simple yet so complex with its abilities and results. Whether your trim is black, gray, or tan, you can restore its natural rich color in the matter of minutes.

TIP: apply prior to your exterior detailing steps and allow to soak into the trim. After, rub in with a clean, dry micro fiber towel to remove any residue.


Apply to a clean, dry surface with a microfiber applicator or microfiber towel. Allow Trim Shine to thoroughly absorb into the trim. Remove any excess or residue with a microfiber towel. If you prefer a higher gloss, reapply until desired results are achieved.