Home Paint Decontamination SMOOTH MOVE



Smooth Move is the best way to decontaminate seen and unseen iron particles from any vehicle surface. The specially formulated chemical ingredients are both acid-free and pH balanced, making it safe for the paint, without the fear of deterioration and damage. Iron particles will turn red on contact and dissolve from the paint before your eyes! Remove the iron to expose the smoothest surface possible with Smooth Move!

PRO TIP: Mix Smooth Move and Hot Shot Soap in your foam cannon to create your own iron-contaminate removing soap.

Mix the following dilution in your foam cannon bottle:

  • 2-3oz Hot Shot Soap
  • Fill up the rest of the bottle with Smooth Move


Wash and rinse the surface prior to applying Smooth Move. Shake well and spray product onto the surfaces you wish to decontaminate, wait 2-3 minutes while contaminants change color to a purple-red. Rub surface with a damp wash mitt or soft microfiber towel. Rinse well with water.