With Eco Shine, you can remove dust and grime from your vehicles paint in the matter of seconds!

It’s loaded with innovative emulsifiers and lubricants that loosen and lift debris off of your paint quickly and safely. Eco Shine is also full of advanced polymers that leave your vehicle looking super glossy and fresh after each use.

Experience the ease and results of new technology. You will never look at washing your vehicle as a chore again.


Items needed – Shine Supply spray bottle, Eco Shine, micro fiber towels

  • Mix up a 32oz Shine Supply spray bottle with 1oz Eco Shine and then add water to the fill line.
  • Generously spray each panel to be cleaned and wipe using one pass with a micro fiber towel.
  • Depending on how dirty the surface is, using your own discretion, flip the towel often and use a clean towel when all surfaces of current towel are saturated.
  • Follow up with Ride Shine detail spray and a clean micro fiber towel for the perfect, protected finish.


Items needed – bucket, grit guard, soft wash mitt, Shine Supply spray bottle, Eco Shine, micro fiber towels.

  • Fill the bucket with water and mix 2oz. of Eco Shine per gallon of water use
  • Place the soft wash mitt and one micro fiber towel into the bucket
  • Using the 32oz Shine Supply spray bottle filled with 1oz Eco Shine and the rest water – generously spray each panel to be cleaned
  • Wash area with soft wash mitt and use one pass to lift the dirt off surface
  • Dry area with clean micro fiber towel
  • After each section agitate the wash mitt in the bucket to remove any debris and dirt
  • Always do the bottom sections of the vehicle last to ensure no road grime is introduced to your cleaning process till the entire rest of the vehicle is cleaned. Use the micro fiber towel from the bucket of Eco Shine solution to clean the bottom section of the vehicle