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A silica spray that offers durable protection and hydrophobic properties.

About the product:

You may ask, “What is Silica?” Silica is the principle component of glass and it is also a primary raw material for many ceramics such as stoneware and porcelain. Silica is the material that is responsible for these items being hard, durable and smooth. We have found a way to integrate this amazing material into a water-based spray that will extend the life of your existing ceramic coating, or provide stand-alone protection, up to 6 months when paired with our Slick Back primer polish. Apply to any exterior surface of your vehicle to provide protection, amazing gloss and excellent hydrophobic properties. This unique non-streaking formula is very easy to use and will definitely impress you with its performance.

Clutch is NOT a detail spray. It's a light form of ceramic coating. You have to look at Clutch the same way you do ceramic coating. Even though it's in a spray bottle – it has to be treated like a coating. It's wanting to bond to “like” chemical components and when it's introduced to surfaces that it's not compatible with – it won't ever set up. It's going to act like oil vs water. One is just going to sit on top of the other. For the molecules to bond they have to have a “connecting agent”. When Clutch is applied to a vehicle that has ceramic coating – it recognizes the material and attaches itself reintroducing a new thin layer of silica and hydrophobic properties.