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Classy Chassis


Don’t let a neglected undercarriage ruin your detail. Classy Chassis is an undercarriage spray that guarantees you wheel well perfection. Simply mist it on your inner-fender guards, frame supports, and suspension components to give your ride that classy look it deserves. Finish your detail off right with a classy chassis.


Always start with a clean undercarriage. Use an all-purpose cleaner or degreaser to thoroughly strip dirt, grime, and caked on tire dressing. Agitate with a brush if needed. Once you have rinsed your undercarriage and it has air dried, take Classy Chassis and apply to the desired areas.

PRO TIP: Do not over spray product, dripping excess may cause stains on cement surface.

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Cool Guy

CLEAN YOUR WHEELS WITH EASE. Make your wheels look brand new in no time at all. Cool Guy will instantly be your favorite wheel cleaner. When it comes to cleaning power and results, its untouchable! . Cool Guy’s acid free,

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Decked Out

CREATE THE LOOK YOU WANT. Give your ride that finished look. Whether you prefer a high gloss or satin finish, Decked Out is a concentrated dressing aimed at giving your tires and fender wells the look of perfection. Its water

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Wise Guy

GET THEM TIRES CLEAN. A clean tire is a healthy tire. Wise Guy is designed to make cleaning, even the dirtiest tires, as effortless as possible. In the matter of seconds, you can easily strip stubborn stuck-on oils and debris

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